Get better results from your Crowdfunding Campaign: A Guide for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) have a noble cause addressing the world’s most critical concerns. Whether it’s social inequalities, protecting the environment, or supporting healthcare or shelter initiatives their objective is to make a positive change in these landscapes. Nevertheless, many Non Profit Organizations don’t have much money or resources, so they have to use what they have wisely and try to raise funds for what they don’t to be able to make the impact they want.

Crowdfunding donations may be one of the best ways to raise funds for a Non Profit Organization. — Photo: Pexels/Markus Winkler

One way to do the second is crowdfunding. Think about crowdfunding as asking people online to collaborate with funds or products for your project, in this case, to achieve your NPO’s goals.

Currently, many websites serve this purpose, and finding the one that suits your needs should be the first step in your crowdfunding journey.  Check this article if you need help deciding which platform you should use. 

In the meantime, here are some tips for successful crowdfunding and maximizing impact for your NPO.

Know What You Want to Do

You need to outline your goals, the first step is to know exactly what you want to do and why. This helps you focus your efforts and resources on what matters most.

We recommend outlining your goals using the SMART model, which is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. This means that each goal you formulate should incorporate all of these criteria to maximize its effectiveness

Crowdfunding has changed the way nonprofit organizations raise money. Online platforms like Kickstarter, Wishlay, and GoFundMe let you reach a global audience of people who might want to support your cause. There is always someone out there waiting for the right cause to stand for, you just have to reach them. This is what you need to do when using crowdfunding platforms in order for your campaign to be successful:

Choose your Crowdfunding Platform

1. Tell a Good Story

Your crowdfunding campaign should show why people should care about your cause and how their money will make a difference. If this is not clear, no donor will contribute to your cause. Be honest about how you will use the money and how it will help fulfill your nonprofit’s mission. Some crowdfunding platforms, such as Wishlay, focus on the transparency of fund allocation by letting the donors know towards which specific products the money is being used.

2. Get Your Community Involved

If you run social media accounts (which we recommend you to do), you can use your existing supporters and ask them to spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign. Ask them to share your campaign on social media and talk to their friends and family, this will make your campaign more visible and therefore help you reach potential donors or volunteers.

3. Give Something Back to Your Donors

Think about something you can offer or give back to the people who support your campaign, whether is sharing or donating. This can be anything! From thank-you notes to special gifts related to your nonprofit’s cause.

4. Keep Your Donors Updated and engaged

Again, transparency is one of the most important aspects of every crowdfunding campaign. When you reach a goal, let your donors know how their money is being used and the impact it is having on your nonprofit’s cause.

Take advantage of the social media platforms and show them stories, photos, and videos that show the difference their donations are making. This helps build long-term relationships and makes them willing to help you in the future.

Remember to keep in touch with your donors after they give you money for your goal. Show them how much you appreciate them and keep them interested in what is being done.

Collaboration is a key aspect when triying to maximaze the impact of a NPO. — Photo: Pexels/Fauxels

Get Help from others.

Collaboration is another key aspect. Working with other NPOs can help yours get more resources and reach more people who share their values and goals. And don’t forget about the value of volunteers and in-kind donations! Many people and businesses are willing to give their time, skills, or resources for free or at a low cost to support your nonprofit’s mission, so make sure to reach them.

Spend Wisely

Make sure every dollar you raise is used well and let your community know that you are doing so. Spend on things that directly help your mission: that’s why you’ve outlined goals anyway, to keep focus on what is really needed.  

Check your strategies, measure and Improve

Nothing is static, what could have been successful in the past may not be anymore, so check regularly how well your strategies and campaigns are working. Use data and feedback to maintain or make changes when needed to improve over time.

Nonprofit organizations help make the world a better place. However, when the resources are limited they have to use their brains and ask for help, sometimes online. With crowdfunding, NPOs can do more with less, by knowing what they want to do, using different platforms, working with others, and spending wisely, they can keep making a difference and inspire people around the world.

Remember, every little bit helps your NPO’s cause, and with the support of a caring community and outstanding leadership, anything is possible. 

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