The Secrets of Effective Donating: What to Do and What to Avoid

Donating is always a good thing to do and doing so makes us happier, proactive and better human beings. However, for your help to be truly useful to the causes you care about, it is important to inform yourself before donating so your funds are used effectively and you can also avoid scams. 

Because good intentions are important but are not always enough, we are here to give you some tips to protect your funds and yourself while donating.

What are the things you must do?

1. Get informed

 Before making any donation, it is very important to find out what are the needs that the organization will cover with those funds, who will you help, what else is needed, who is taking action, and how. These are questions that you, as a collaborator, must ask and research. That way you’ll see the big picture and will be aware of who you’re supporting.

2. Safe donations.

 Any donation must be handled with full transparency by the organization that will receive it and this organization must comply with security guarantees that protect your privacy and personal data at all times. Therefore, look for organizations that use secure payment processing options and offer safe and transparent platforms for fundraising. 

3. What kind of donation.

To think that donating is synonymous with money is a big mistake that many people tend to make. Although giving money is a fundamental part of giving and it will always be welcomed, many nonprofit organizations can receive your support in a variety of ways. This includes volunteering, donating food, donating goods, water or clothing. So keep in mind that you can always donate and not necessarily just money.

4. After donating.

Keep track of the causes you have supported with your donations. You should be able to know how the project is going, how your funds were allocated and additionally, it will always be nice to see good things happening even more if you were part of it.

What you should never do?

1. Donate to an individual.

Never make an online transfer or donation in the name of an individual, always do it in the name of a non-profit organization or use a platform designed for it. Nowadays, there are many platforms to facilitate the process of raising funds. Platforms such as Wishlay, GoFundMe, and Mighty Cause, among others, will make your life easier in this regard.

2. Underestimate research.

 Do a minimum of research on who is behind the curtain by analyzing the project’s website, social media, followers, etc. It is important to know the cause and who your funds and efforts are really supporting. Be a responsible citizen, not someone easy to take advantage of.

3. Lose hope.

Nothing is easy and the good things take time, effort and tears. Do not lose hope about the good causes you are supporting because change takes time. This world can always be a better place if all of us believe that and work hard to achieve it.

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