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Transform Wishes into Achievements

Wishlay is a charitable donation platform offering a versatile gift registry system, allowing nonprofit organizations to compile lists of essential items to support their goals

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With Wishlay, you’re not just donating – you’re investing in positive change. Here’s how we’re making an impact together

About Wishlay

Empowering Nonprofits Through Collaborative Giving

Together, we can turn essential items into transformative actions. Create your wishlist on Wishlay now and harness the power of our platform to make your goals a reality. Begin building a brighter future for your organization today.

How it works

Personalized Wishlist Creation

Nonprofit organizations can easily create and customize their wishlists on Wishlay. These wishlists effectively showcase their specific requirements, giving donors a clear insight into the tangible items that will directly contribute to their initiatives.

Build Your Wishlist

Wishlay collaborates with numerous brands, offering an extensive range of products to initiate the creation of your wishlist.

Spread Your Wishlist

Our embeddable links enable you to disseminate your wishlist within your community, whether it's on your website or via social media.

Community Contributions

The community actively participates in funding your desired products, allowing multiple users to contribute towards the cost of individual items.

Product Shipment

Upon achieving your funding objectives, Wishlay will automatically handle the procurement and delivery of your selected products. Additionally, your generous donors will receive notifications regarding the progress.

Why Choose Us

Impactful Giving, Tangible Results

Your supporters’ contributions translate into tangible results. Each item funded through Wishlay directly impacts your nonprofit’s initiatives. Whether it’s educational resources, medical supplies, or community projects, every contribution takes you closer to achieving your goals.


Resources For Community Cat Caregivers

For non-profits such as ours, product donations are as crucial as cash donations. Wishlay makes it easy for us to manage both! Please support our wishlist to help provide resources for Miami-Dade County's community cat caregivers.

Empowerment is a collaborative journey, and Wishlay is the bridge that connects passionate hearts with impactful change. Together, we turn wishes into reality, creating a brighter world for all.

~ Samuel Jean - CEO

Get Closer With Us

Connecting Passion with Purpose

Wishlay’s mission extends to nonprofits, whom we empower by offering an innovative platform that simplifies fundraising, enhances engagement, and amplifies their impact. We’re committed to providing nonprofits with the tools they need to showcase their initiatives, connect with their supporters, and achieve their goals effectively.

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We’re committed to building trust between supporters and nonprofits by ensuring that every contribution is put to meaningful use. We believe that when individuals can see the direct impact of their giving, they’re more likely to engage and contribute to causes they care about.

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Wishlay provides a space where passionate individuals can directly support nonprofit organizations and contribute to their essential needs. We’re dedicated to fostering a community of collaboration, where each action, no matter how small, fuels the momentum of change.

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Partnering with Us Always Helps

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking for innovative ways to engage supporters, consider partnering with Wishlay. Our platform can enhance your fundraising efforts, boost engagement, and amplify your impact.

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wishlay_the mic speaks




Days Left

Raised : $5.020.12

Goal : $7,083.26


Amplify Black Entrepreneurial Voices

We are excited to share with you our mission of launching a new, high-quality podcast that will serve as a vibrant platform for black businesses and entrepreneurs. We believe in the power of communication, of stories that inspire, inform, and uplift. This podcast aims to amplify black voices, share successes, examine challenges, and provide a collaborative platform for innovative ideas and strategies.

wishlay_palm beach harvest




Days Left

Raised : $787.56

Goal : $1,439.75


Meet The Need To Feed

Our generous contribution has been pivotal in helping Palm Beach Harvest tirelessly work towards a mission of eradicating hunger in our community. As you know, our organization rescues over seven million pounds of food each year. We use the rescued food to feed families with food insecurity, teach self-sufficiency through our community gardens, and provide hot, nutritious meals to those most in need.





Days Left

Raised : $290.90

Goal : $1,297.80


Resources For Community Cat Caregivers

For non-profits such as ours, product donations are as crucial as cash donations. Wishlay makes it easy for us to manage both! Please support our wishlist to help provide resources for Miami-Dade County's community cat caregivers. Our main objective is to keep community cats AND their caregivers healthy and happy.

Wishlay has been a game-changer for our organization. The platform's simplicity in creating wishlists and connecting with our supporters has allowed us to focus more on our mission. With Wishlay, our supporters have a direct hand in transforming education for underprivileged children.

Andre Anderson

Rescue Mission Restoration Outreach

Our nonprofit's journey with Wishlay has been exceptional. Not only does the platform enable us to reach a wider audience, but it also connects us with individuals who share our passion for community development. Wishlay has redefined how we approach fundraising and community engagement.

Deborah Morgan

Palm Beach Harvest

Wishlay has transformed the way I prepare my classroom. Creating a wishlist and sharing it with parents has never been this seamless. The platform's impact on both teachers and students is evident, and I'm grateful for the support it brings to education.

Amaka Amalu

Tech Girl Power

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